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Cases concerning the division of marital property and debt, parenting time, and spousal or child support can be complex, depending on the parties’ circumstances. They can also be stressful because they affect people’s lives, resources, and relationships. The decisions ultimately made in a family law matter can result in significant changes for all of the people involved. An individual’s lack of knowledge about the applicable laws and how to assert his or her claims properly could have serious consequences. Divorce lawyer Lynnette A. Ensign is dedicated to protecting the interests of individuals in Pembroke Pines and beyond.

Dissolving a Marriage in Florida

Florida is one of many states that has eliminated fault as a ground for divorce. There are two alternate grounds for divorce, or “dissolution of marriage”: mental incompetence and an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. Spouses who have no minor children may utilize an uncontested divorce procedure if they agree that reconciliation is not possible and they have executed a Marital Settlement Agreement. Even when spouses are able to settle all issues relating to the marriage, it is still prudent for each person to have his or her own lawyer to ensure that the MSA includes the necessary language and truly resolves all matters.

In a contested divorce, the court makes the final decision on the division of marital property and debt. Florida is an “equitable distribution” state. That means the court makes a fair division, but it is not always an exactly even split.

Divorcing parents may reach their own agreement on child custody (referred to as “parental responsibility”) and visitation (referred to as “time-sharing”). The parenting plan a court approves must, at a minimum, describe how the parents will share the daily tasks of child rearing, include a schedule specifying the time the child will spend with each parent, designate who will be responsible for health care and school-related matters, and identify the methods a parent will use to communicate with the child when the child is spending parenting time with the other parent.

Sometimes parents want very different things and are unable to compromise. It is wise to seek legal representation in disputed custody cases. An attorney can help a party submit evidence to the court in a way that complies with any procedural rules. Also, an attorney can prepare and put on a case to demonstrate that an award of custody to his or her client is in a child’s best interests.

Every parent is legally obligated to support a minor or legally dependent child. A court may order either parent to pay child support during and after a dissolution of marriage proceeding in an equitable amount. The amount is primarily based on the parents’ combined net income.

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