The filing of an action for dissolution of marriage marks the end of one period...

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A determination of paternity not only provides a man, woman, or child...

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Child Support

Under Florida law, each parent has a fundamental obligation to provide...

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Fort Lauderdale Divorce Lawyer

Being involved in a lawsuit is never an easy situation for either the person who files the claim or the person who is being sued. Any potential difficulty may be heightened when the case concerns matters such as dissolution of marriage, property division, alimony, child custody and support, or paternity. These types of cases involve private, “family” issues that litigation may make public. Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney Lynnette A. Ensign is dedicated to providing solid representation in family law matters for residents of Pembroke Pines and the surrounding cities. She can guide her clients through the legal process during what may be an emotional time. Having practiced in Florida since 1992, she has honed the tenacity and attention to detail that is critical in these situations, and she can explore your options with the care that you deserve.

Protect Your Interests when Dissolving a Marriage

Florida law refers to divorce as dissolution of marriage. A person who petitions the court for dissolution of marriage must establish that the marriage is irretrievably broken with no hope of reconciliation, or that his or her spouse has a mental incapacity. The court has the authority to order counseling for one or both parties before allowing the dissolution action to proceed when the parties have a minor child together or the spouse responding to the petition denies that the marriage is irretrievably broken. Spouses who have no children and are able to reach a total agreement on all issues of the marriage may pursue a simplified dissolution of marriage process known as an uncontested divorce. Contested proceedings are generally more complicated and require greater time and resources. In the absence of a Marital Settlement Agreement, the court will divide assets and debts equitably, which does not necessarily mean equally.

Legal Guidance for Residents of Pembroke Pines in Family Law Matters

In a proceeding for dissolution of marriage, the court may award alimony to either party. Alimony can be rehabilitative or permanent in nature. The court must consider various factors that include, but are not limited to, the duration of the marriage, each party’s financial resources, and the contribution of each party to the marriage in determining an appropriate amount of alimony.

Child custody refers to the care, control, and maintenance of a minor. A court may award custody solely to one parent or order that the parents share joint custody, which is usually the preferred arrangement. Joint custody is known as shared parental responsibility. Courts make custody determinations according to what is in the best interests of the child, which may be articulated with the assistance of a Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer.

Each parent has a fundamental obligation to support his or her minor child. Child support is calculated by using a Child Support Worksheet that will generate an appropriate monthly obligation based on each parent’s income and other economic factors. All orders for child support must include a provision for health care coverage of the minor child when coverage is reasonably available.

Any woman who has a child, any man who believes that he the father of a child, or any child seeking to discover his or her parentage may file a paternity action. Paternity cases typically involve a situation when parties had a child but were not married at the time. The parents of a child can establish paternity by signing a voluntary acknowledgement of paternity. This status can also be established through DNA testing.

Explore Your Options During Divorce with an Attorney in the Davie Area

Any agreement that the parties reach or any order imposed by the court in a family law matter can have long-term effects. It is important that you enlist a knowledgeable attorney to support you through all stages of litigation. Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer Lynnette A. Ensign proudly represents individuals in Davie as well as Plantation, Sunrise, West Palm Beach, and other cities in Dade and Broward Counties. You can call us at (954) 760-7659 or complete our online form to set up an appointment.

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